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میکروسکوپ سه چشمی معکوس

 Optical System
Infinity corrected system, 45 mm parafocality distance, Field of view 22 mm
Trinocular: 45° inclined
Interpupillary distance
۵۵ – ۷۵ mm. Adjustable dioptric compensation
Wide field EWF10x/22mm, eyeglass-compatible
Five positions, with bidirectional rotation on ball bearings and click stop
Long working distance (LWD) infinity corrected (IOS) planachromatic
phase contrast 10x/0.25, phase contrast 20x/0.40, phase contrast 40x/0.60
corrected for 1.2 mm coverglass
 Specimen stage
Size: 250 x 230 mm, Translator with lowered ergonomic coaxial controls
 X-Y translation
Interchangeable metallic inserts for specimen slides
Petri dishes & flasks ۱۱۴ x 81 mm.
Focusing system
Macro- and micrometric regulation, with coaxial knobs on both sides of the stand
Adjustable tension and depth stop
Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.30
working distance 72 mm
The condenser can be remved in order to increase the
working distance to 150 mm
 Illumination System
X-LED8™ system, with adjustable intensity, filter and phase ring holder
and aperture diaphragm


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